part 166:

Its been ages since hanzalah tried calling nicholas. He tried so many times from the time of the incident but he could never speak to him. He thought about him very often and prayed for him more so. He prayed that things were working out for the best for him. He had some great qualities hidden deep within but something was holding him back from showing out those qualities. He seen it when nick stayed with them.

Nick wasnt as tough and macho as he acted on school. He was weak and vulnerable. He had alot bottled up and hanzalah wished that he could help him in some way.

Today he was thinking so much about nicholas. More than he usually did and thats because he had a dream about him last night. He couldnt remember what the dream was about but he waa definite that nick was in it. And there was a third person aswel. As much as he tried to think about it, he just couldnt remember the dream or who the 3rd person was. Eventually he gave up. If he couldnt remember the dream, there was obviously good reason for it. And that would mean that the dream didnt really have much meaning to it either. But what he did know was that he needed to contact nick one more time. It was his duty as a fellow human being to try again and make contact.

He searched for the number he had written in the old telephone book and then punched it in to the phone.

It rang for a while before a lady picked up.

“Hello…tasha speaking..”

Hanzalah cleared his throat and spoke. “Hello. Could i speak to nicholas please!”

There was silence for a little while and hanzalah wondered if they were maybe handing the phone over to nick. But then the woman, presumably his mother, asked into the phone. “Whos calling?”

“Its hanzalah. Nicks.. friend” he wasnt sure if nick regarded him as a friend or not. But to him thats what nick was. 

Again the silence and then some muffled sounds. Like tasha had closed the speaker of the phone with her hand and was talking to someone else. Hanzalah could hear 2 voices but he couldnt quite make out what they were saying. Or who the voices belonged to. But he waited patiently.

After a few minutes tasha was back on the phone.. “hold on!”

Hold on? Like she was calling nick? Or hold on? Like she was deciding whether she wanted nick to befriend him or not?

He knew from their meeting the day she picked nick up from his house that she wasnt too happy with him. He didnt know why and it wasnt his place to care. People had their reasons for not liking other people and if there was anyone who was used to people disliking him, it was hanzalah. Either because of not having money or for being indian or for not exactly being a ‘local’ or whatever the reasons were and frankly hanzalah couldnt be bothered about whether people liked him or not. To him, if Allah was pleased with him, then that was more than enough… infact that meant everything to him.

Hanzalah was so deep in thought about this that it took him a few seconds to register that nick was on the other end of the phone.


“Nicholas? Hello. How are you brother? Its so good to hear your voice.” Hanzalah was genuinely happy to hear nicks voice after all these months.

“Nerd boy? Err.. i mean hanzalah?” He  could hear the surprise in nicks voice and he took no offence in the nick name. Everyone called him that when he was in school. He would rather be called nerd boy than play boy or rich kid or something like that.

“Yes nicholas. Its me! How have you been doing?”

“It took you months to bother about how im doing” nick snapped and hanzalah was taken aback by the harshness in his voice 

“I tried calling…”hanzalah began to talk but was rudely cut off.

“Yeah, im sure you did…but you couldnt get through right? The phone was engaged or something!” Nicks voice was dripping with sarcasm.

“No…” Hanzalah said softly but without getting angry. Nick was being rude and not welcoming his call in the least. But hanzalah wanted to explain.

“No what? You have a different excuse then? Something more original?” 

Hanzalah took a deep breath… ” i tried calling you almost every week since the incident but everytime i called, your mum said you were not around to take the call. I waited for you to call me back so many times, but you never did and i thought maybe you didnt want to hear from me so i stopped contacting you altogether. But recently ive been thinking about you so often and today i just decided to try again.”

“Im sorry bro.. i didnt know..” he began apologising.

“Dont worry about it… its cool..” hanzalah brushed it off like it was no big deal and quickly changed the subject.. the last thing he wanted was an awkward conversation.

“Look… i was wondering… can we meet up sometime? I would really like to catch up with you…. see how youve been… you know?!”

“Erm…” nick hesitated.

“No pressure… think about it… and let me know. Let me give you my number…”

Hanzalah passed his number over to nick who he hoped was really taking it down.

“Okay then. Was good to speak to you again. Il wait for your call…”

“Thanks buddy!”

“Wait….err.. im sorry about being so rude…”

“Its cool brother…” hanzalah laughed it off… “take care!”

Now it was upto nick. He wouldnt pressurise him. If he wanted to see him.. then he would call and they would meet up soon. If not, life will go on for both of them. No big deal.


5 thoughts on “part 166:”

  1. Hmmm … Mayb the 3rd person is Sabreen .. And Hanzala is performing their nikah !! ( after they both reverted to Islam ) ..

    We’l just hav2 wait n see !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

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