Assalamu alaykum and juma mubarak everyone…

Just needed to let you all know that im too busy again to post so next post will inshallah be after the weekend…

In the meantym… comment and let me know what you think is going to happen next and how you think its going to end…

Jazakallah and have an amazingly success and happy weekend..

Bibi ayesha


6 thoughts on “posts…”

  1. posts are awesome
    JazakAllah so much for posting the other days
    really enjoy reading this blog
    mmmm no idea what’s gona happen let’s hope all good things lol
    can’t wait for this weekend to be over

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  2. The missing pieces r missing in action !!!

    *shew* …… If I had2 comment n say what I think will happen … There won’t b any space left for any other comments !! Lol

    Don’t want to spoil the story with all my wrong assumptions – u doing a wonderful job n keeping us intrigued .. جزاك اللهُ خيراً


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