part 170:

Authors note…

Oooohkaaay….i really am sorry once again…life has been chaotic…i have been relocating to a different town and its been absolutely hectic…had no idea moving was such a job.. and therefore i had neglected the blog. Im still not a hundred percent settled so please bare with me if i dont post often enough.. will try to post whenever i can inshallah.

keep me and my family in your duas… and enjoy the post below…


“Hey brother!! Its so good to see you… its been too long. I thought you’ll never call.”

Hanzalah was delighted to meet up with nick. When days turned into weeks and he hadnt heard from nick, he decided to give up. That nick would never call him. Maybe nick just wanted him to stay away and so he did. He continued with his life. But for some reason nick called yesterday asking if hanzalah would like to meet up at the mall. To which hanzalah readily agreed. 

So here they were, at the mall, walking towards the food court.

“What would you like to eat? I love a good hamburger from one of the places here…. ”

“No no…thanks… we dont eat ham…. err..” hanzalah scratched  his head beneath his topi trying to figure out the best way to explain to nick…

“Im not really that hungry… had a late breakfast so il just grab a can of coke or something…”

Nick shrugged… “suit yourself…but i have to go to the ham burger place.”

Hanzalah looked at nick with a frown… “why?” And when nick smiled and blushed, realisation dawned… “a girl again?”

“Not just any girl…”

Hanzalah interrupted.. “wait… dont tell me…’shes diffferent!’ ” and then he chortled.

Nick laughed too.. “she is… i promise… i feel this kind of connection  to her.. not in a lustful way… just… i dont know… like i understand her.”

“And how long have you been seeing her? I hope you didnt drag me here to be a witness to any of your fornication… cos then im running away…”

“Fornication?” Nick laughed so loud, earning him stares from all around… “who even uses such words?!… gosh bro… u need to hang out with me more often instead of your books!”

Nick stopped dead in his tracks and stopped laughing…

“There she is!” He spotted sabreen inside the restaurant nonchalantly carrying a tray of food out of the kitchen door.. she looked so care free.. so happy from where he stood outside the restaurant, just metres away from the entrance.

Hanzalah pretended to be busy with his phone. Like his father, He didnt look at woman… he tried to remain modest… all the more now that he was a haafiz of the glorious quraan… but nick wouldnt understand..

suddenly everything changed and he had no idea why. He looked up and seen worry and confusion in nicks eyes…

“Whats wrong?”

Nick watched as sabreens happy demeanor changed to tension as she stared out. It all happened in slow motion. She dropped the tray on the nearest table spilling some of its contents and ran out of the restaurant. Nick didnt think. He just ran… he ran after sabreen who was heading for the back entrance of the mall… he felt like whatever she was running from… he needed to be behind her… to protect her.


6 thoughts on “part 170:”

  1. Aslmlkm. Good to have you back 😘. Moving to another town is hectic. Inshaa Allah you will settle down soon. May ALLAH mk it easy for you & ur family -Aameen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So good that Hanzalah & Nicholas eventually met again. Hp their friendship strengthens 😊. I think Sabreen spotted Beth & was overcome by fear. That’s why she ran off suddenly 😟.

    Liked by 1 person

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