part 171:

It was finally the end of the year… its been one heck of a year for sabreen. So much of school work pushed into one year to get her on par with other kids her age… ofcourse she still had a while to go. Not that she wasnt enjoying it… she loved learning, its just that she needed a break.

Uncle mike tried to get them bookings again for new york but it was way too expensive. He said he will keep looking for somewhere overseas that was affordable for the three of them.

Sabreen loved her new family. Aunt hilda and uncle mike were amazing people to live with. Life had become so peaceful and she finally felt what it was like to have a normal family. Although, at times, she remembered that she wasnt exactly their real child. That she never would be theirs. But she revelled in their generosity and warmth as much as she could.

Alice was exhausted aswel.. all the studying and assignments were driving her crazy. She had no social life whatsoever. No free days… no coffee dates or lunches with friends… so she was really looking forward to sabreen coming over for the holidays. Even though sabreen would be working during the day… she had so many plans for after work.

The first day she decided to drop sabreen off at work. They took a nice stroll in the cool morning breeze and chat all the way to work.

Alice didnt want to admit to sabreen yet but she was hoping that the manager of the restaurant would be there. She had a slight crush on him. Just the thought of him made her blush. But to her disappointment… he only started work later than the rest of the staff.

Sabreen settled in and put on her apron and name tag once she got to work. She wasnt one to socialise. She was still abit afraid of people so she didnt talk to anyone at work. She did what she needed to to the best of her ability, trying hard not to make any mistakes. She was nervous all morning but as the day progressed she felt so much more confident.

After arranging an order on her tray in the kitchen, she headed out to her customer to serve them their order. But suddenly her entire world stood still. She heard a rough laugh.. a laugh she knew too well. A laugh that scared her to death. She stared in the direction of the nauseating sound and her worst nightmare was confirmed. It was sam. He was there.. sitting at a table on the far left with 2 women. She froze. Her legs started to tremble and then her whole body shook. She dropped the tray on a nearby table and ran out of the restaurant before sam could notice her. She was so afraid that he had seen her. She was afraid that he was following her. She never looked back. She just ran out the back entrance of the mall and searched for a hideout where no-one would find her. She sat down behind some large garbage bins and hugged her shaking legs to her chest. She hid her face between her knees and prayed harder and harder that no-one would find her hiding here.

It was quiet… she could only hear her own ragged breath but she refused to look up incase someone was there. Eventually her breathing evened out but just then she felt a hand on her back. 

She tensed…!


3 thoughts on “part 171:”

  1. That must be Nick who followed her. 😍 Can’t wait for her reaction wen she looks up. As for Sam, I wish he will be imprisoned for life 😈. Waiting for 2moro’s post ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Xoxo.

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