part 172:

Hanzalah was utterly confused. He had no idea what was going on. He watched with his mouth open as nick ran for the back exit of the mall. But he didnt follow. He wasnt even sure if he should wait around for nick or not. Whether nick would even come back. So he found an empty seat and decided to browse a few islamic sites he had been meaning to check out for quite some time. He decided to just give nick some time and if he wasnt back, he would leave. 

He sat for around half an hour and nick still wasnt back. His phone beeped, notifying him that his battery was low. He didnt even have nicks cell number to call him. Nick had called him from his landline to meet up today.

Hanzalah exited all apps on his cellphone, got up and headed home. Nick would call him when he was ready. Wherever nick had ran off to was obviously very important.


Nick watched sabreen run out and followed behind her. She looked so afraid and he couldnt understand what her fears could be. All he knew was that he wanted to be there for her.

Because of the distance between them, once sabreen had gone through the doors leading outside, nick had lost her. As he got outside himself, he surveyed the area. There were so many places she could have gone. But he didnt give up. He looked everywhere he could until he came to a quiet area where the refuse bins were and the only sound he could hear was a human being breathing heavily.

He walked quietly as he didnt want to scare her and get her running away again. Just as he rounded the large garbage bins, he found her crouched on the floor looking terrified. He felt such sympathy for her at that moment.

Nick sat down beside her and placed a comforting hand on her back. But instead of her calming down or looking up at him, she tensed.

But he didnt move away. Instead he spoke softly.

“Dont be afraid. I wont hurt you. I seen you run and you looked so scared. ”

And then he stopped talking. He questioned what he just said. If he was in her position, would that be the right things to say?

Sabreen heard his voice and she was confused. Who was this stranger. She was still afraid. But something in his voice made her a little confortable. But she could never trust anyone. Especially a man. So she still didnt look up. 

Nick could feel her body relax after he spoke but she still didnt look up at him. That was good enough. He would sit with her for as long as it took. As it is he had nothing better to do with his life.

Oh no! Hanzalah! He completely forgot about him in all this. But hanzalah was a good guy. He would understand. He would just call him later and explain. Sabreen was far more important right now.

He remembered the day he was so afraid. The day of his party when someone said the cops were on their way. He was just as afraid as her. 

The fear he seen in her face was similar to the fear he had then. 

He leaned back against the wall and gently rubbed her back. He wouldnt push her to talk to him. He would give her time. He would just be there so she knew she was safe and not alone.

After a very long time of sitting in complete silence, sabreen slowly lifted her gaze. She was curious as to who this stranger was. Who would sacrifice their time to sit with a crazy girl like her?

She looked up into nicks face and he offered her a comforting smile. But before either of them could say anything, they heard voices coming tbeir way.. someone was looking for her.


8 thoughts on “part 172:”

  1. I just caught up with ur posts n now I hav2 wait !! Oh nooooooooo ……………..
    I’m gonna come all the way to ur new house n demand more posts !! Lol ..
    Don’t worry , I’ll help u unpack n settle down too #wink# …

    Hmmm .. U know I have a weak heart – better start posting sharp sharp !!

    Missed u lots ..
    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

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