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Part 141: (sabreen)

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem
_in the name of Allah, the Most gracious, the Most Merciful_

“Shes got so little time. Why did she waste her life like this?”
And hilda began sobbing again.

Mike ran his fingers through het hair trying to soothe her.

“She was almost gone…”

“Shhh… she will be okay honey… she’ll be back to her normal self in no time. Just be strong.”

Hilda ignored his comforting words and shook her head..
“No… she was almost gone… they… they were going to ship her across the border to nigeria.”

Mike stopped in shock. He pulled hilda away to look her in her face.

Hilda closed her eyes and wiped her tear stained face. She took a deep breath and sniffed before she started.
“Shes in a terrible state mikey… shes been raped. Beaten. Hurt in all kinds of ways.”

“Baby.. youre not making any sense. Please can you start from the beginning?”

“Apparently beth has been missing for over a week. Sam didnt know where she was but he didnt think anything of it. The 2 of them live their own lives just under the same roof. So he thought she probably found another young guy and was away with him. But she usually returns after 3 days. Shes never gone for more than days. And when the 4th day came and beth wasnt home, sam decided to look around for her. He went to a couple of clubs where he thought she would be, but no-one had seen her for a while. So eventually he went to the police. But he didnt get much help…”

“Obviously! Who would listen to sam?”

“Anyway… yesterday morning he got a call from the security company in the area. They found her lying on the main road at 3 in the morning. She was unconscious and beaten badly and well in a terrible state so they rushed her to the nearest state hospital.”

“Wow! After all this and sam calls you only last night? Gosh that guy!”

“She was heavily drugged. They had to pump everything out of her system..”

“She was raped a couple of times and ….”

Hilda put her head in her hands and began to cry again.

“Love.. im so sorry. But im here for you”

Hilda looked up
“They rapes her so many times mikey and then they stuffed some drugs in a bag up her. They had to remove her womb and they had to give her 18 stitches. She was taken by some nigerians who wantes to use her to send over their drugs across the border. They booked her ticket and everything and she was going to leave the same night. But they got a tip off on their way that they were being followed so they threw her out and a minute later another car of them picked her up but they too ended up throwing her out on the main road.”

Mike was stunned. His jaw was literally open and no words could come out at first. Eventually he asked..
“Is she awake?”

Hilda nodded. They had to keep her sedated and knocked out for a while but about an hour before i left for home she was up. Drowsy.. but up and she told me everything that happened.”

“And you believe all this?”

“You were not there love. I was. I heard her talk about it all and she cried so much. And the doctor told me abit of what he knew from the examinations and it all makes sense.”

Mike sighed. “I really hope for your sake babe that shes not making up all this for sympathy.”

“I know shes not. I just have this feeling and she has no-one right now. I need to be there for her. I know that she has brought all this upon herself. But im all she has right now and i cant leave her alone. She wants help. She wants to change. Shes admitting it herself that she needs help”

Authors note:
Oh boy! Thats some drama that i came back with. What do u think???
Before anyone jumps down my throat and tells me that this is far fetched, id like you all to know that todays post is ‘based’ on a true life incident. Not to me ofcourse..alhamdulilah but sumone i know..
Love you all
Bibi ayesha

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part 140: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Sabreen was restless for the remaining part of the day. She had to ask hilda and mike for their opinion about working at the restaurant and staying with alice for the holidays.

They’re usually cool like that, but sabreen had an iSsue with asking. She was always afraid that people would refuse her.

So she thought about how she would ask them. And of possible reasons why they may say no.

Mike was home from work before hilda got home from the hospital.

“Hey sweetheart…. Are you all good?”

Sabreen nodded with a pleasant smile.

“What ya do today?”

Sabreen shrugged.. “Nothing really. Was a little boring. But I’m just glad the days over”

She didn’t want to touch on the subject of working right now. She wanted mike and hilda to be together when she brought it up. But she did make a point to let mike know how bored she was throughout the day.

Once mike freshened up, the 2 of them set the table and warmed up the food for dinner.

“Aunt hilda whatsapped to say that she’s on her way home”

The knot in sabreens tummy tighten at that.

She needed to let loose and be carefree. But the turn of events in her life had made her into the anxious person that she is.

Finally they heard the garage door opening and hildas car driving in.

Its been a long and tiring day for hilda aswel. But looking at her showed hust how bad a day it was.

Hilda looked aged and her eyes were red. Probably from excessive crying.

“Hi darling…” Mike said cautiously.

“Hey!” Hilda forced out.

Sabreen felt the thick tension in the room and thought of leaving for a while to give them their space.

“The foods warm. I’m sure you’re starving honey.”

“Nah… I’m not hungry… Why don’t you guys carry on and eat without me. I’m just going up to have a shower and lay down”

Mike looked sympathetically at hilda.
“You’re sure?”

She just nodded meekly and walked away upstairs.

Mike and sabreen stood around in silence for a while before mike said.
“What you say we eat up and by then aunt hilda will be out of the shower and we can just take a tray of food up for her?”

“Ok” sabreen said and began placing the food on the table.

Mike and sabreen ate in complete silence. Both lost in their own thoughts.

Sabreen was thinking hard about what to do with herself and how she was going to get to speak to the two of them when hilda was so upset.

while mike was terribly worried about his wife. He has never really seen her in this state before. He couldn’t even put a morsel down his throat. He needed to be up there with her to comfort her but he also knew that she probably needed some space.

Sabreen and mike prepared a tray of food and took it up to hildas room after clearing up the dinner table.

Hilda didn’t even look up at them when they entered the room. She was laying on the bed with her eyes closed but she wasn’t asleep.

Sabreen placed the tray down and walked to her room, closing hildas room door behind her.

“Love! What’s wrong? I’ve never seen you like this before.”

Hilda didn’t move. She didn’t open her eyes. But tears began to fall uncontrollably from her closed eyes.

Mike wiped them away with his finger And took her in for a hug. He didn’t ask her again. He allowed her to cry it out. She would tell him when the time is right. She had to. They were always pillars of support for eachother.

Authors note:
I truly truly apologise people. I really don’t have the time to post. Life is quite chaotic and even though its holidays for all of you, some of us are still working full time.

Even now, I’m exhausted and can barely keep my fingers typing or my eyes open. But I just had to type out something for you very loyal readers out there.

Jx for not giving up on me and please bare with me a little longer. I don’t know how much longer though.

Remember me in ur duas.
Bibi ayesha

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