part 126: (nicholas)

bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

Tasha abed tossed and turned all through the night. What was happening to her life? Her son was who knows where, and her husband was blaming her for everything.

Tom and tasha hadn’t spoken to eachother for the rest of the day. Tasha couldn’t bare to look in his face or be in the same room as he was. He had applied salt to a raw wound that she had been avoiding for years. And it burnt like hell.

Tasha had tried her best to overcome her past. To put everything behind her. To never think of the mess she had caused for not only herself but for her innocent son aswel.

Ever since she married tom, she was a different person. She stopped blaming herself. She put her past way behind her and took an oath never to bring it up again in her life. To live a life as if nothings ever happened.

And now all of that was a big fat waste. Tom had thrown it all in her face. He had hurt her in a terrible way and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to forgive him so soon.

Everytime she thought of forgiving him, her subconscious mind scolded her.. ‘ You have every right to be angry at him. How dare he bring up something he wasn’t even there to witness? Who does he think he is?”

And so the day passed. She waited anxiously for her son. no matter what a child may do, a mother has constant concern about them. She couldn’t but wonder where nicholas was. Was he okay? Had he eaten anything? How far down had nick gone this time around? Would he ever come around?

She wanted to pray for her sons well being, but she felt terribly guilty. She hadn’t prayed to anyone or anything in almost her entire life. Tasha was never religious in any way. She never thought about God but she never ever denied that there was one.

She remembered attending church once or twice as a little girl. But her mother never went to church either. Her mother was confused as to whether she was a muslim or a christian. So she just stopped going or praying and stopped her daughters too.

So why would God listen to her now? Ofcourse He wouldn’t listen. She had neglected Him all of her sad and sorry life. So tasha gave up on the idea of praying.

She turned around for the umpteenth time and looked at the time on her phone. It was 3:30am. She gave up on sleep and took a walk to the kitchen to drink a glass of water and on her way back to the guestroom where she had been sleeping, she passed by nicks room.

She stood at the door and switched the light on and just looked around for a while. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but she looked. Perhaps she would find some sign or missing piece to this puzzle called life. Where had she gone wrong?

Eventually she sat down on nicks bed with a picture of nick and her that she found in his bedside drawer. It was a picture they had taken when nick was just 2 years old. They looked so happy together while playing on the sand at the beachfront in durban.

If only she knew those many years ago that life was going to change and that she was going to lose her son to the evils around, she would have held onto him a little longer and probably never let go.

He woke up with a shock. his body was trembling inside as he jolted up on his bed. But then tom realised that it was only his silly phone alarm that was sounding on the side pedestal.

He switched it off and lay back on his bed staring at the ceiling. ‘When had life become so complicated?”

He looked towards his right to find the bed empty. Tasha hadn’t even come to bed. She was either sitting up the entire night worried about nicholas or sleeping in the guest room. Tom had no energy to apologise. He was just fed-up beyond repair.

He sighed and got out of bed and after showering and wearing a clean set of clothes, headed off to work without even checking up on tasha or having breakfast. He just wanted to get out of his tense and miserable surroundings as fast as he could.

Authors note:
I truly apologise for my lack of posts.. Its been a crazy past week and more.

Nevertheless, eid mubarak to all of you. May you all have the best eid you’ve ever had before. May it be spiritually uplifting and blessed.

Remember me and my family in your special duas and jx for your patience.

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part 125: (hanzalah+nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Nick fluttered his eyes open and jumped up in shock….

He took in his surroundings and realised that he was in hanzalahs room. His heart was beating really fast and his body was in pain. Slowly he lay back down on the bed and put his hands over his face.

A few minutes later he heard the door squeak slightly open.
“Oh! You’re awake?”

Nick pulled his hands away from his face and looked at a smiling hanzalah.
“Yeah! I’m sorry.. I must have dozed off. Didn’t realise how exhausted I was.”

Hanzalah walked in and sat on the edge of the bed quietly.

“How long have I been asleep?” Nick asked rubbing his eyes.

“About 3 hours…” Hanzalah replied.

Nick jumped up again… “Serious? Can’t be! It felt like just a few minutes. I’m so sorry!”

“Relax… What are you sorry about?” Hanzalah asked calmly.

“For just barging into your home and taking over your room and gosh…. I’m such a mess. I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Nick was now coming back to the reality of his life.

Hanzalah remained silent.

“I wish I knew how to fix everything….” Nick began talking after some time of a comfortable silence. “Have you ever done something really bad in your life and wished you could turn back the hands of time and redo everything..?”

Hanzalah thought before answering… “Well not really. But there was a time where I did wish I could turn back the hands of time…”

“Really? When?” Nick asked curiously.

“Many times, I wished I could turn back to before my mum got ill and I wished I valued her more… But that’s not possible. As a muslim we learn that whatever has passed you is over, no reason to mourn over what’s done. We have to learn from our past and move forward. I still have my father, so I guess I can value him before its too late.” Hanzalah said and it left nick in deep thought.

“How did she…. Uhm… You know.. Your mum… How did she pass away?” Nick asked and hanzalah began to explain about how naseema got ill and passed away. All the while nick sensed a sense of extreme love and appreciation in hanzalahs voice as he spoke about his mother. He made it seem like she was some kind of queen, that’s how much of respect he had for her.

But then again, hanzalah made his father sound like some kind of a king too. Hanzalah made everyone seem so wonderful.

“You love her don’t you?” Hanzalahs question to nick caught him offguard.

“Who?” Nick asked with a creased forehead.

“Your mum…” Hanzalah answered.

Nick looked down thinking hard and sighed loudly.
“I guess I do.”

Hanzalah got up abruptly and left the room. Nick wondered what happened. But in a few seconds, hanzalah was back.

“Here… Call her!” Hanzalah handed nick the cordless phone.

Nick stared at the phone and then at hanzalah and then he pushed the phone away.. “No ways! I can’t!”

He stood up and paced up and down hanzalahs tiny room in a frenzy. And then stopped at the window and brushed his fingers through his sweaty and greasy hair.

“You don’t understand. They’ll kill me!” Nick explained in a tone which showed that he was trying to stay calm.

“No mother will ever want to kill their child. A mother is a mother. No matter what mistakes we make in our life, they’ll always forgive us.” Hanzalah tried to reason with nick.

“Well not this time around.. She won’t” nick shook his head.

“I’m sure she must be worried about you.” Hanzalah said.

“Pft… Highly doubt that!” Nick replied instantly.

“But God is… God is worried about you and He loves you. No matter how great your problem is… God is greater.. And He’ll forgive any mistake we make. So turn to Him. Ask Him to ease your matters and He will. I promise!”

Authors note:
Jx so much to all those who take the time to comment and like the posts. I truly appreciate them even though I don’t get to reply.will try to start replying to all the comments inshallah. I understand how hectic everyones lives are and that’s what makes me so grateful that so many of you take the time out of your busy day just to comment and like the post and ofcourse to read the posts.
Remember me in your special duas..

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part 124: (hanzalah+nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Nick expected a luxury home inside. One with gorgeous wall frames, long standing vases, designer rugs, expensive lounge suits and coffee tables…

But when he walked into hanzalahs house, he was astonished to find a bare room with bare walls. Infact, it was so bare that there were no lounge suits even.

There were some cushion like things propped up against the wall which nick assumed was meant for sitting.

A vinyl mat was placed on a cloth on the floor where some mugs and plates were laid down.

Nick suddenly felt ashamed of thinking that hanzalah had everything. Hanzalah actually had nothing. He was more poor than anyone nick had ever known.

He felt ashamed of coming to his house and imposing on them when they barely had anything for themselves. And now they had to share their bare minimum with him while he had so much in his home. Well actually, he HAD so much in his home. He now had nothing too.

“Come come!” Hanzalah snapped nick out of his daze. “Sit! I’m just making some breakfast for us. Please make yourself at home!”

Nick found it ironical. Here was a total poor stranger asking him to make himself at home and that he was making breakfast for him when he actually had nothing.

Nick automatically didn’t feel like eating. He couldn’t eat these poor peoples food.

He sat down at the mat where hanzalah gestured him to and promised that he wouldn’t touch a thing or put anything in his mouth. It wouldn’t be fair.

“Everything okay son? Where’s hanzalah? Hasn’t he given you anything as yet? How could he leave you alone?” Abdullah was feeling embarrassed that hanzalah would leave their guest alone..

“Hanzalah! Beta!” He shouted from the living room and hurried to the kitchen. His voice was stern but compassionate at the same time. Nick found himself feeling envious of this too.

Soon after, hanzalah came rushing in with a steaming hot pot which he laid down on the mat.

“I’m really sorry!” Hanzalah apologised over and over again.

“Its cool bro.. I should be apologising. I’m not really hungry anyway. You shouldn’t have worried.” Nick started to say.

“What? No way! You have to eat…” Hanzalah made himself comfortable on the floor and began dishing out some freshly scrambled masala egg in a heap in nicks plate.

“Whoa! That’s more than enough..stop!” Nick said.

“No no! You must be starving.” Hanzalah said as he placed the hot roti on the side of nicks plate and then proceeded to pour the tea into their mugs.

Before nick could say anything, his stomach spoke for him and they both laughed.

“Don’t be shy! Really, just imagine that this is your home” hanzalah tried to make him feel comfortable.

Nick nibbled on a tiny piece of egg. It was so different but divine. But he pushed the thought aside when he looked at the simplicity of the meal before them.

It wasn’t a massive full course breakfast of omelettes, pancakes, fruit, meat and more.

It just consisted of these green looking scrambled eggs, milky tea and flat kind of bread which hanzalah called ‘roti’.

‘I’m sure this was all they have in their kitchen’ nick thought. But as much as he tries not to eat, hanzalah forced him and he didn’t regret eating. He ate to his fill and so did hanzalah, and yet there was still left over.

‘Uhm.. Could I have a serviette please?” Nick asked hanzalah just when he placed the last morsel into his mouth.

“Serviette? Oh.. Err.. We don’t keep any. But come, let me show you where the bathroom is, you can wash your hands” hanzalah replied warmly.

Once they were done in the bathroom, hanzalah showed nick to his room. “You can rest here for a while, I just want to clear up quickly. Can I get you anything?”

“No thanks! I’m fine. Don’t you have a maid to clear up?” Nick asked wondering how hanzalah managed to prepare the breakfast and still clear up.

Hanzalah laughed. “We’re mostly adults here, we don’t keep a domestic, we all just clean up after ourselves so there’s no need for one.”

Hanzalah continued to the lounge where he began clearing up whilst nick sat looking around in hanzalahs room.

Hanzalahs room was just as bare as the front room. No pictures of movie stars or pop stars. No car models or anything of that sort. Just a plain old bare room with a single bed and simple wardrobe.

Eventually nick got comfortable and fell into a deep and comfortable sleep on that same simple, single bed.

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part 123: (hanzalah+nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

All the way home, neither hanzalah, nor abdullah questioned nick about anything. It wasn’t their business and if nick wanted them to know, he would tell them when he was ready. All they wanted, was to be there for him wherever they could, because that’s just the type of people they were.

Abdullah and hanzalah were so warm and friendly and all nick thought about was how awesome it would be if he had a father like hanzalah did.

‘Hanzalah had the perfect life. He had everything and was so happy’ nick thought to himself.

Nick too could have a good relationship with tom, but the thought of him not being his real father always crossed his mind and stopped him from getting too close.

Even though tom tried many times to build their relationship, lately he’s just pulled away and been so distant. Could it be nicks fault that tom had changed the way he was towards nick?

But tom took his mother away from him.ever since tasha married tom, she paid even less attention to nicks nEeds and wants. Not that she really cared before. But now she cared even less. Or maybe that’s just what nick thought.

Maybe no-one else really changed. Maybe it was just nick who changed and nicks ideas that have changed and the way that he seen things that changed.

Nick wondered how hanzalah lived. He probably lived in a comfortable home with everything that he ever wanted. Why else would hanzalah always be smiling?

But as they drove in to hanzalahs driveway, nick was stunned. Hanzalahs house was ordinary. Nothing so grand. Just a simple one story face brick home which looked pretty much the same as every other house on that street.

“Give me 2 minutes beta.. Let me just warn khalla that we have a guest over before you 2 come in” abdullah said as he jumped off the car.

“I hope I’m not causing any inconvenience so early in the morning…” Nick croaked. His throat was dry and his exhaustion was apparent in his slur.

Hanzalah turned his body right around to face nick and smiled warmly. “No way! We love having guests over. Guests bring blessings to our home. You’re actually doing us a favour rather than the other way around. My abba just wants to inform my khalla because you see, the ladies In our religion shouldn’t be around where there’s strange men.”

“Abba?that’s your dad right?” Nick asked.

Hanzalah nodded.

“And colour? What’s that? Is that what you call your mum?” Nick was curious. He found these terms strange.

Hanzalah giggled. “Not colour.. Khalla…. no, that’s what we call our mothers sisters.”

Nick frowned. Even more confused.

“I don’t have a mum… My mum passed away last year and then my dad married my mums sister. ” Hanzalah explained nonchalantly.

Nicks eyes shot up in surprise. “Whoa!!! That’s some hectic stuff.. So your step mother is your mums sister? That must be hard to have accepted…!”

“No, not really. I’m actually glad that my abba married her.” Hanzalah replied.

“You are?” Nick asked surprised again.

Hanzalah nodded. “Rather her than some strange woman that we would have to get used to from the beginning. And it was hard for my dad and us, my sister and I. My mother really spoilt us and did a lot for us and when she passed on, we needed that motherly figure to be there for us and my khalla Is a really wonderful person. My abba needs a companion too”

Nick thought back to tom and a lump formed in his throat. No doubt tom was also a wonderful person to both him and tasha.

Hanzalah was so selfless, thinking of how hard it was for his father. And whole heartedly accepted that his father remarried so soon, and that even, to his aunt. And here nick was hating tom for coming in the way of his and his mothers relationship when all tom ever did was care for them.

“Come on!” Hanzalah snapped him out of his thoughts. “I’m sure you’re starving. Let’s go have some breakfast.”

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part 122: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

A hand each was forcefully placed on both alice and sabreens mouths to shut them up.

“What the hell?”

“Hmfhmfmmhhfm” alice tried to say something but her mouth was held stiff.

Once the hand was slowly released from her mouth she said in a panicked tone, breathing heavily.

“Ofcourse its me tony. Are you both drunk or something? Why the hell are you screaming?Where in the world are the 2 of you coming from this time of the morning anyway?” He was utterly confused.

“But.. Bb…but!” Alice fumbled.

“But you’re supposed to be dead!” Sabreen spoke for alice.

Tony burst out laughing.. “Dead?” And he laughed even more…

“Yeah, so this must be my ghost!” He said pointing to himself and roared with laughter again.

Alice and sabreen looked at eachother and then back at tony who was trying to recover from his fit of laughter.

Once he settled and took a few breaths, he shook his head… “Why are women so dramatic? Anyway, its late. I’m going to sleep. We’ll talk again in the morning.. Like late morning.. Or rather early afternoon. Whatever… Later!” And he shut his room door and left his 2 sisters in total bemusement.

Alice sat down on the couch in the living room…. “What just happened?”

Sabreen giggled.. “Tonys alive.”

“So then? What about the dead body they found?” Alice asked as if sabreen had all the answers.

Sabreen shrugged.

Alice got up and barged into tonys room. She rushed to her brother and hugged him as tight as she could. “I’m so sorry tony… I’m really sorry for not being a good enough sister. Please forgive me and let’s just live normally? Please”

“Whoa…. What happened to you? Have you been drinking or something ali? Or are you just overly exhausted?” He asked as he pushed alice off him.

Alice had tears streaming down her face. “We thought you were dead…”

“Why would you think that? You should be used to me being out till late.. I was at a party and lost track of time.” Tony explained.

Alice and sabreen explained the nights events to tony who found it so amusing. He laughed even more..
“I lost my drivers license last weekend when I went fishing with some of the guys. ”

They all chuckled at the craziness of the situation.

“And the cops found it and thought that it belonged to the poor dead guy.” Alice giggled.

“But couldn’t they see the faces were different?” Tony asked.

“Well your drivers license wasn’t all that clear. It was pretty dirty and the face part was spoiled already.” Sabreen explained.

“We’ll let them know its not you tomorrow.” Alice said, stifling a yawn. “We better get some sleep. Its been a crazy night and I’m over exhausted. Come on breeni! Night tony!”

All 3 of them were soon fast asleep and the girls only woke up around noon that day.

Alice was up first and decided to make breakfast for them all. She whipped up a pancake batter and chopped up some fruit to caramelise. She was just about done grilling the fruit when sabreen walked in rubbing her eyes to wake up.

“Smells yummy in here.” She complimented.

Alice smiled. ” Thought it would be a nice idea for the 3 of us to have breakfast together for a change. You only come over like once in a month and tonys usually too busy or never around. Todays the perfect opportunity.”

“Can I help with something?” Sabreen asked.

“Yeah! Why don’t you wake your lazy brother up while I get our mugs ready with some cappuccino?” Alice suggested.

Sabreen nodded as she headed to tonys room. She knocked once but there was no answer so she opened the door and let herself in. But to her surprise, tony wasn’t in bed. He’s bed wasn’t even made and cupboards were wide open and clothes were lying everywhere. His room was in a real mess.

“Alice!” Sabreen shouted as she returned to the kitchen.

“Hmm” alice replied not meeting sabreens concerned gaze.

“Tonys gone!”

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part 121: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Ma’am, we’re going to give you a few minutes… We’re waiting downstairs in our vehicle. When you’re ready, we can leave for the mortuary.” The police officer said as he and his partner headed towards the front door and closed it behind them.

Alice was sobbing her heart out while sabreen blankly stared at her sister. She was numb. She had been through too much in her life and she was now emotionless. Not that she didn’t feel anything inside. She did. But she just didn’t know how to express her feelings and emotions.

finally she spoke in a monotonous tone.. “Let’s go alice!”

Alice shook her head and continued sobbing.

“Alice! Let’s go!” Sabreen said again. This time there was a stern tone in her voice.

Alice sniffed and wiped away her tears as she looked up at sabreen.

Sabreen looked back at alice but didn’t say anything further. Instead, she turned around and went to the room where she changed out of her pyjamas and into her dirty clothes of the day that just ended.

Soon alice was doing the same. She washed her face and neatened up her pony tail and then together they left the apartment and walked downstairs.

the officers, true to their word, were patiently still waiting downstairs. They straightened themselves and stopped their chatter when they noticed the girls coming their way.

“Ready to go ma’am?” The policeman asked looking at alice.

Alice nodded. “Yes sir! But I’ll go in my own car. We’ll follow you…”

The officer agreed and soon they were on their way to the dreaded mortuary.

The ride was silent and took forever. Or so it seemed. The mortuary wasn’t too far from them, but just the thought that they were on their way to identify their dead brothers body made the ride far longer than it actually was.

Neither sabreen nor alice had to say a word. They both had the same thoughts running through their mind.

The mortuary was dead (pun intended)…eerie and very cold. The girls pulled their jackets tighter as they walked through the corridors.

Finally they stopped at a door and the officer asked them to wait outside and They obliged. A few minutes later they were ushered into the same room where dozens of dead bodies lay frozen in different closed steel shelves.

One by one the man in charge opened the shelves to look for the correct body. And every time, alice shivered.

They were almost at the last shelf when alice couldn’t take it anymore…
“I can’t! I can’t do this!” She shouted And ran out the door and down the corridor, back to the car.

Sabreen had no other option but to run behind her sister. She found alice sitting behind the steering wheel, Shaking uncontrollably.

“I can’t do this breeni. I can’t. Not tonight. Maybe we need to go home and we can come back tomorrow with aunt hilda and uncle mike. I’m not strong enough for this” alice confessed.

Sabreen got into the car on the passengers side and when alice felt a little composed, they returned home.

“I’ll call aunt hilda as soon as we get upstairs. I know its late. But we need her right now” alice said and sabreen just looked blankly at her.

the 2 of them dragged their feet up the stairs. Alice was about to put the key in the door when she realised that the door was already open.

“I’m certain that I locked this door” alice said in fear.

“You did! I remember that you did.” Sabreen said holding on to alices arm, she too was afraid. Her body was going limp.

Alice pushed the door open and when they found a figure standing right infront of them, they both began to scream……..

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part 120: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Right tash…. We’re not getting anywhere like this. Let’s both try to be civilised and work like adults okay?” Tom instructed in a ‘I mean business’ tone, as he placed the 2 mugs down infront of her.

Tasha blew her nose for the umpteenth time and nodded as she lifted the cup up and burnt her tongue with the steaming hot tea.

“Look, I understand that this is hard on you. But its hard on me too. Nick is part of our family so whatever he does, affects me too. Remember that the whole towns not just talking about ‘your’ son here, they’re talking about me too… And we need to work at the beginning and try to find out where he is and as soon as he’s back here, there needs to be some disciplining and some rules..” Tom was on a mission.

All tasha could do was sniff and nod her head in agreement. She’s never seen this side of tom before. But she knew that this was long time coming. As much as she wouldn’t admit it, nick had really gone too far.

“Nick will have to be taken out of school. The principal is not going to want nick back and its not safe for him anyway. He can do all sorts of things and he’s a terrible influence on other kids. We’re going to have to keep a close eye on his every move and nick needs some desperate help!” Tom continued but had to stop as tashas phone began to ring.

Tashas phone had been ringing non-stop from the morning. Lots of the parents of the other kids at the party were angry and calling to give her a piece of their mind. But honestly, it wasn’t only nicks fault. Yes, nick invited them to the party, but they weren’t forced to attend. It was every parents individual duty to make sure they knew where their kids were and what they were up to.

Tasha didn’t recognise the number and was afraid to answer and get more crapped out for her sons misbehaviour and hers and toms own negligence.

“Ignore it!” Tom suggested.

And so tasha hesitantly ignored it. “But…”

“No buts!” Tom snapped.

Once the phone stopped ringing tasha said “but what if it was nick calling from somewhere? Or what if it was one of the police officers calling about nick?”

“Nick knows where we live.. He got into this mess and he should get straight home. And besides.. Don’t get your hopes up that nick would be calling. You know how hard hearted and stubborn he is. Everytime the 2 of you are at it and he does something wrong, you’re the one who has to suck up to him and now look what that got us into” tom shouted.

Tasha stood up abruptly. “Oh… So all this is MY fault now?” She shouted.

“Tasha! Sit down! Don’t be like your son and run away everytime you’re defeated. Yes this is all your fault. The signs were all there. He was getting from bad to worse and everytime you just ignored it and made excuses for him!” Tom was taking out every bit of his frustration.

“I cannot take all this stress anymore. We only fight and argue. My son is who knows where. The police refuse to do anything and I have tons of angry parents jumping down my throat! I understand that you’re also hurt and upset.. But can you not be a little more supportive instead of constantly fighting, arguing and blaming me?” Tasha let it all out and began to cry expecting toms sympathy.

But instead, her crying only made things worse.
“Oh god!!! There she goes whining and crying again. Was I not supportive enough all this time? I’ve supported you and kept quiet all along because everytime I tried to be ‘ more supportive’ and help you, you always pushed me away saying that nick was ‘YOUR’ son….”

“I did not!” Tasha defended herself.

“Yes you did… And you know what? You’re right.. Nick is your son… He’s not mine… He never will be because you chose to be all loose and forward and have babies all over the show so you don’t even know who nicks father is. But I accepted him as my own despite your stupid mistakes.” Tom blurted out without thinking. His anger was getting the better of him.

And as soon as the words left his mouth, tashas face fell. The hurt was apparent all over her face. She didn’t even bother to reply to tom. What tom said was true, but she never thought this day would ever come where he would throw her past in her face like this.

Tom sat down, immediately regretting what he said… “Babe I’m sor….”

Tasha shook her head… “No! You’re not… Don’t! Just… Don’t!” And with that, she walked away.

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