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Part 145: (sabreen)

Erm. Well no… shes still young and hasnt ever worked before in her life. But she is a really fast learner.

Alice tried explaining to the store manager in a calm voice. But she was failing miserably because the nervousness in her voice was so evident.

She couldnt decide whether her nervousness was because of the slight attraction she felt to him or whether he might not give sabreen the job and it would just disappoint her little sister once again.

Alice was beginning to get really lonely living on her own and since tonys disappearance she was actually beginning to feel sorry for herself. So she was ever so glad that sabreen wanted to come and work for the holidays. Maybe sabreen could even move in permanently. But for now she needed to concentrate on the matter at hand.

She took in a deep breath and tried to relax herself a little which only made the manager smirk at her in amusement.

She could feel her face turning all shades of red in embarrassment.

The manager smiled..

Okay, bring her in and lets see what her capabilities are miss?

Williams! Alice williams.

Miss williams.

Her name rolled smoothly off his tongue and he liked that.

But you can call me alice. Err.. if you want to

Okay alice. Bring your sister in tomorrow morning and we will start her off with some training. Nothing too taxing. Can i get you a drink?

Alice was caught off guard by his sudden change of topic.

Thanks! But i… i dont drink.

So then a soda atleast? My treat! Lets just say for getting me an extra staff member and relieving abit of my stress. I owe you that much atleast

No sir. You dont owe me anything. Its a pleasure and thanks but i should be heading home. Ive got tons of work to finish up.

Alice hadnt been interested in intermingling lately.. well for a long while actually. She didnt want to get her heart broken or end up losing interest in her studies. As much as she was enjoying the attention, she would rather save herself from any heartache in the future. Men were evil and that was that.


Excuse me?

The names george. No need to call me sir.

Alice nodded shyly.

Well i should be on my way george. Thanks again. I will definitely be here early tomorrow morning with my sister.

Cant wait

He replied with a wink.

And alice felt her legs go weak. What was happenig to her? She had to get a grip of herself and get away from the restaurant as fast as possible.

She walked briskly out of the mall and got home as fast as possible. She tried to block george out of her mind. She knew that it was a total no go.

Her father was a dog. He was never a good father or good husband. And her brother was turning out to be just like him. Thats proof enough that men are all the same and there was no acception to he rule.

But uncle mikey wasnt like that

Her subconscious mind argued.

We dont live with him so how would we know. Maybe he is also like them but doesnt show it

The negative side argued back.


Alice screamed in frustration.

Why am i having such unnecessary debates right now?

She pulled her hair all into a ponytail and looked at herself in the mirror.

And now im talking to myself. Thats how crazy im becoming.loneliness does some pretty crazy things to a person.

Uncle mike had a few errands to run before dropping sabreen off at alices apartment. Sabreen didnt mind, as long as she was going. She couldnt control her excitement.

Mike briefly explained to hilda about sabreens idea and since her mind was too consumed with the stress of her sister, she readily agreed.

Mike pulled out a couple of notes from his wallet and handed it over to sabreen before giving her a quick kiss on her forehead and closing the door of alices apartment and headed back to work.

Once he left, the girls screeched in excitement and jumped around in eachothers arms like lunatics..

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Part 144 (sabreen)

Tony williams sat on a rock nearby watching over his friends from a distance. He had instictively decided to go on this roadtrip with them because of their insistence. But looking back at how the days had passed, he was ever so glad that he made this decision.

There hadnt been much network for most of the trip since they were camping out at odd places most of the time. But that seemed to have done him a whole lot of good. Network problems meant less time with technology and that meant more time for himself. Reflection.

Tony had many friends throughout his teenage years. Some who had taken him way off track and made him into a horrible person. A person almost like sam. He cringed at the thought.

If there was anything he didnt want in his life, it was to be like sam. He wanted to be different. Better in every way. And now, watching his friends splashing so carefree in the dirty dam water full of reeds, he was ever so grateful that he had met them all.

These new friends had brought him back to the real world. They made him realise that there was so much more to life than what actually meets the eye. That we need to let go of the past if we want any kind of future for ourselves.

That there was actually a life worth living that didnt involve drugs and alcohol and clubbing. Yes they had fun too, but in different ways. They were spontaneous and did everything at the spur of the moment yet they were all sensible at the same time.

Whats got you so deep in thought and far away from having fun?

His friend ryan asked from behind him before joining him on a rock just above.

Reflection bru.. thats what!

Ryan smiled.

Well then good. Reflection is always good.

They sat in a comfortable silence for a while before tony began talking again.

I really want to make things right. Change things for my sisters and i. Im supposed to be the older brother. The responsible one. Yet ive failed them so many times. I cant remember the last time i spent quality time with sabreen or even the last time alice and i could be around eachother for more than 24 hours without killing eachothe


Ryan put his hand sharply on tonys neck which caught him by surprise.

What the hell dude?

Ryan stood up and laughed..

well you still have a pulse guy.. you still have time to fix things.

And then he walked away.

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Part 142: (sabreen)

“So why did sam initially say that there was a break in at the house?” Mike asked hilda. He was confused and didnt know what to believe. It all seemed too far-fetched and coming from beth and sam it was most likely not to make any sense.

Hilda sighed.. “he said cos he couldnt tell me about beths heavy addiction and sleeping around…”

“I hope you dont mind that im going to be at the hospital with her until things are sorted?”

Mike shook his head… “no…. shes your sister…but please be careful sweetheart. I cant see you getting hurt by her anymore.”

The next morning hilda was up and gone before everybody even woke up.

Sabreens eyes fluttered open and the only thing she could think about was confronting hilda and mike. She climbed out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to freshen up and brush her teeth. Once she had her hair tied and neatened up, she headed downstairs. She found mike sipping his coffee with the newspaper infront of him.

“Morning…” she said nervously.

Mike set the paper down and smiled warmly at sabreen.
“Hey sweety… u sleep well?”

Sabreen nodded and then looked around..
“Wheres aunt hilda?”

“She had to leave early to be back at the hospital in time. She wanted to miss the early morning traffic going out that way.”

Sabreens face showed disappointment and mike noticed.
“Whatsup breeni? You wana talk to me?”

She hesitated for a while.

“Go on… you know you can talk to me!”
Mike thought it might have something to do with beth being in hospital. But sabreen wasnt bothered about that in the least.

“I.. i wanted to speak to you and aunt hilda together about something important.”

Mike looked at her expectantly.. “what is it breeny?” His face full of concern.

“Well i… uh.. i was just thinking… erm..”
She fiddled with the loose piece of cotton from her pyjama sleeve.
“I was wondering if i could erm… maybe go and stay with alice for the holiday. Its getting kinda lonely around here since aunt hilda is away all day.”

Mikes expression relaxed.. and his lips curled into a smile… “is that all you needed to ask?”

“Err.. kinda…”

“But isnt alice on campus all day? Youll still be alone all day there”

Yeah… but i was thinking of… erm… maybe getting a…a…a job for the holidays..

Mike raised an eyebrow…

a job?

Sabreen looked down and nodded.

What sort of job?

At one of the restaurants in the mall. Its a burger place. Theyre looking for staff for the holidays cos theyre quite busy and short staff.

But youve never worked before?!

Sabreen lost hope. All these questions meant that mike was going to refuse. She should just give it up. She sighed and got up to make herself some breskfast.

Youre right uncle mike. Its silly to even think about it. Im sorry for bothering you with my silly thoughts. I guess the boredom is just getting to me.

Mike held her wrist as she walked past him.

I didnt say no young lady. I just want to make sure you know what youre doing and that youre doing it for the right reasons. Im actually proud of you for wanting to take this step. I never thought this day would come…

A smile spread across her face.


She squealed in excitement.

Her smile and excitement was contagious. He began to smile too. Mike looked up at the clock and then back at sabreen.

What you say… you spend today packing up your stuff to take with to alice and i will drop you off early tomorrow morning before work?

i wouldve dropped you today but i wont make it for work if i do.

Sabreen leapt into his arms….

Thank you sooo much uncle mikey… youre the best.. but…

She stood back up.

We havent spoken to aunt hilda yet. What if she disagrees?

You leave that upto me okay?

Mike got up, ruffled sabreens hair and headed off for work.

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part 140: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Sabreen was restless for the remaining part of the day. She had to ask hilda and mike for their opinion about working at the restaurant and staying with alice for the holidays.

They’re usually cool like that, but sabreen had an iSsue with asking. She was always afraid that people would refuse her.

So she thought about how she would ask them. And of possible reasons why they may say no.

Mike was home from work before hilda got home from the hospital.

“Hey sweetheart…. Are you all good?”

Sabreen nodded with a pleasant smile.

“What ya do today?”

Sabreen shrugged.. “Nothing really. Was a little boring. But I’m just glad the days over”

She didn’t want to touch on the subject of working right now. She wanted mike and hilda to be together when she brought it up. But she did make a point to let mike know how bored she was throughout the day.

Once mike freshened up, the 2 of them set the table and warmed up the food for dinner.

“Aunt hilda whatsapped to say that she’s on her way home”

The knot in sabreens tummy tighten at that.

She needed to let loose and be carefree. But the turn of events in her life had made her into the anxious person that she is.

Finally they heard the garage door opening and hildas car driving in.

Its been a long and tiring day for hilda aswel. But looking at her showed hust how bad a day it was.

Hilda looked aged and her eyes were red. Probably from excessive crying.

“Hi darling…” Mike said cautiously.

“Hey!” Hilda forced out.

Sabreen felt the thick tension in the room and thought of leaving for a while to give them their space.

“The foods warm. I’m sure you’re starving honey.”

“Nah… I’m not hungry… Why don’t you guys carry on and eat without me. I’m just going up to have a shower and lay down”

Mike looked sympathetically at hilda.
“You’re sure?”

She just nodded meekly and walked away upstairs.

Mike and sabreen stood around in silence for a while before mike said.
“What you say we eat up and by then aunt hilda will be out of the shower and we can just take a tray of food up for her?”

“Ok” sabreen said and began placing the food on the table.

Mike and sabreen ate in complete silence. Both lost in their own thoughts.

Sabreen was thinking hard about what to do with herself and how she was going to get to speak to the two of them when hilda was so upset.

while mike was terribly worried about his wife. He has never really seen her in this state before. He couldn’t even put a morsel down his throat. He needed to be up there with her to comfort her but he also knew that she probably needed some space.

Sabreen and mike prepared a tray of food and took it up to hildas room after clearing up the dinner table.

Hilda didn’t even look up at them when they entered the room. She was laying on the bed with her eyes closed but she wasn’t asleep.

Sabreen placed the tray down and walked to her room, closing hildas room door behind her.

“Love! What’s wrong? I’ve never seen you like this before.”

Hilda didn’t move. She didn’t open her eyes. But tears began to fall uncontrollably from her closed eyes.

Mike wiped them away with his finger And took her in for a hug. He didn’t ask her again. He allowed her to cry it out. She would tell him when the time is right. She had to. They were always pillars of support for eachother.

Authors note:
I truly truly apologise people. I really don’t have the time to post. Life is quite chaotic and even though its holidays for all of you, some of us are still working full time.

Even now, I’m exhausted and can barely keep my fingers typing or my eyes open. But I just had to type out something for you very loyal readers out there.

Jx for not giving up on me and please bare with me a little longer. I don’t know how much longer though.

Remember me in ur duas.
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part 136: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

‘Life is so unfair’ sabreen thought that night. She was right. She couldn’t get any sleep. Not because she was excited about the vacation anymore, but because of the drama that had to pop-up all of a sudden.

It was so unfair to her. Out of all the times in this year, beth had to bring on her drama now. Couldn’t it wait until they’re left for their holiday?

So now, while everyone elses lives were going on, here was sabreen, stuck again.

Her blood was boiling. She was beyond angry. Why was happiness such a far fetched thing for her?

Why was it that everyone else in the world could do as they wished, when they wished and nothing would ever come in their way. But whenever she thought that she was finally stable and finding happiness, BANG!!! It all blows up in her face.

Now while hilda goes up and down to the hospital, she was stuck In the house. Yes, she had an option of accompanying hilda. But in no way was she going to choose to see beth OR sam again.

It would just bring back all the terrible memories she had hidden somewhere far away.

Her psychologist did tell her to face the problem. To face beth and sam. And to find complete closure from her past. But it was all too fresh and too painful.

Yes, maybe in time she will figure out how to get closure. But for now, she wasn’t ready. She was still very weak and not completely in control of herself or her feelings. Everything felt too raw inside her.

She still hated beth and sam. She didn’t care less that beth was dying somewhere in some hospital. Infact, she was glad that he tables had turned and that beth was suffering right now instead of her. And sam who was always so full of pride had to come running to the people he caused the most hurt to. For all the hell they put their kids through, today they were alone. They had 3 children but they actually had none.

Mike decided to just go back to work so that he could use his leave days when they eventually do go on their vacation. Instead of wasting it sitting at home.

So that left sabreen all to her lonely self.

She wasn’t one for much TV… She didn’t find any pleasure in watching other peoples dramas all the time. Ocassionally maybe.. But not all the time. And cartoons were actually quite silly now that she thought about it.

Her craft boards and paint sets were all packed up somewhere deep in the attic and she was in no mood to go looking for it.

After eating breakfast and clearing up, she retreated to her room and lay annoyed on her bed.

She stared at the ceiling wondering what to do with her life. She couldn’t just sit around waiting for happiness to find her. She needed some kind of purpose in her life.

She put her hands up to rest under her head and that’s when she felt her rosary on the pillow.

She pulled it infront her and dangled it above her face for a while thinking about the lady that gifted it to her.

She had bigger worries at the time. But she was so strong.

It was her faith. she had a purpose in life.

Sabreen often thought about naseema. But she never had the courage to ever call her.

Maybe today would be a great day…

Sabreen threw her legs off the bed in haste and rushed to her closet where she searched frantically through her belonging for the little piece of paper where naseemas number had been written.

‘There we go!’ She said smiling to herself after 20 minutes of rummaging through every item in her drawers.

Sabreen proceeded to the phone and began dialling.

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part 134: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Alice just dozed off after putting her books away when she was suddenly awoken by a sound.

She moaned and turned to the other side hoping that the sound would stop. But it didn’t. It went on and on.

She jolted herself up and took in her surroundings first.

‘Oh I’m in my room’ she thought once she got her bearings straight. And then the sound started again.

‘Goodness! Its my cellphone… I’m totally losing it!’

She grabbed her phone from the side table and stared at the time first… ’12:15?’

She answered her phone without checking who was calling this late at night before it could stop ringing again.

“Ahem… Hello?”

“Alice! Sweety…I’m so sorry to wake you!”

“Aunt hilda? Is everything okay? Is sabreen okay?”

She couldn’t stand the thought of something happening to her little sister. But why else would hilda be calling her this late at night? and besides, she sounded like she was in a panic.

“Sabreens fine alice. I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news..”

“What is it aunt hilda? What happened?”

She was beginning to get a little impatient. Could hilda not just get straight to the point instead of beating around the bush?

“Its your….. Its beth.. She’s in hospital. In ICU actually”

Alice calmed down a little. she’s probably the worst person in the world to be relieved that her mother was in hospital. But beth wasn’t much of a mother anyway.

“Oh!” Was all she could say.

“There was a break in at their place and apparently sam was out for the night. She was alone and was badly beaten. By the time sam got home, she was already unconscious. She lost a lot of blood and they had to rush her to the nearest public hospital.”

Alice listened quietly. She felt nothing. No sympathy whatsoever. She listened like it was a strangers tale being told to her.

“Alice? Are you there?”

“Yes I’m listening.”

“We’re going to have to postpone our trip.. I’m heading to the hospital. She’s alone. She’ll obviously need someone there.”

Hilda sounded tired.

“Why you? I’m sure sam is there. Hasn’t she hurt you enough?”

“She is my sister alice. And I do still love her. What kind of a sister would I be if I can’t be there for her in such a time?”

Alice didn’t reply.

“Anyway.. I just called to relay the news to you. Thought you should know what’s going on. I’ll keep you updated…”


And with that, they hung up.

Alice tossed and turned for the rest of the night. Just when she thought she had made herself strong and could move on with her life, her parents had to be brought back into it. Did she have to know what was going on with beth?

She silently prayed that beth would suffer before she finally leaves this world. She hated her for all the hell she put her through.

For all she cared, it was most probably sam that beat her to this state. Maybe there was no robbery in the first place. There hasn’t ever been one before this. The neighbourhood was pretty safe uptil now apart from sam the drunkard that interfered with everyone.

But what did she know. She’s been away for so long, maybe everything had changed.

She thought about sabreen. How was she taking the news? Sabreen was so excited to go on her first holiday and now her sickening and good for nothing parents had to come in the way of her happiness once again.

Before she knew it, it was already time to get ready for class. Alice dragged herself to the bathroom and had a cool shower to wash away her exhaustion. And after making her bed and clearing up all over, she made her way to campus.

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part 132: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Hi al…. The guys and I have decided to go on a little road trip for a couple of days.. Sorry for not letting you know but it came up all of a sudden. they were leaving early and I didn’t wana wake u.. Make sure u lock up and keep safe.. Will see u in a few days..”

“Oh I forgot.. My fone might be off for most of the trip but I’ll call u wenever its on….bye”

Alice read the messages and then sighed… She wasn’t sure whether she could trust tony or not. A road trip? Where to? And why so all of a sudden?

It just didn’t make sense to her.

But she didn’t have much time to dwell on it. She had tons of assignments to complete and was under way too much of pressure.

She grabbed a red bull from the fridge and headed out of the flat after locking up. She was already 10 minutes late for her lecture.

“Road trip?” Sabreen asked over the phone when she called alice that night.

“I don’t know breeni, I don’t trust him. After what that cop said…”

“Alice. Tony would never do something like that. He wouldn’t. Do you really believe that our brother would kill someone?” She whispered.

“Maybe It was unintentional?”

“Alice! Give him the benefit of the doubt will you?” Sabreens voice returned to normal.

“Okay okay… So…about that trip YOU guys are taking… I’m soooo excited for you!”

“Yeah me too… I can’t believe I’m actually going to sit in an airplane”

“Seems like everyones going somewhere.. Wish I could go somewhere too”

“So why don’t you join us? Will be so awesome to have you with”

“I would love to little sis… But I’ve got tons of work to do and exams are coming up real soon too.”

Sabreen and hilda spent most of their wEek out shopping for all their essentials for their vacation overseas. It was so much of fun. This would be the first holiday she’s ever been to in her life.

All their suitcases were packed and ready. The house was sorted and everything was organised. Mike, hilda and sabreen were ready for a holiday they all deserved.

All they needed was to put in their last few toiletries and last minute items in the morning before leaving for the airport.

“I’m soooo excited, I doubt I’ll even be able to sleep tonight” sabreen plopped herself on the sofa in the TV room with hilda and mike.

Mike smiled widely. “You should try to get some sleep sweety. tomorrow is going to be a very long day”

Hilda was about to say something when the phone began to ring. She looked up at the clock..
“Who in their right mind would be calling at this hour?”

Sabreens excitement settled and was replaced with a little bit of concern. She was hoping that it wasn’t alice with some bad news or something.

She wanted to follow hilda to the room where the telephone was. But decided against it. Instead she chose to watch whatever it was that mike was viewing on TV.. But she couldn’t concentrate.

All these crazy thoughts came rushing to her mind. Alice was all alone. What if something happened to her? Or what if something happened to tony. What if he was out murdering someone else?”

She shook the thoughts out and tried to concentrate on the show playing on the screen… But everything that appeared made her doubts seem more real.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour later, hilda returned to the TV room with a sombre look on her face..

By the looks of it, Something was definitely not right…

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