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i know exactly whats coming up next…im probably going to get a million msgs about when im continuing or completing this blog.

ive already received alot of msgs etc and ive met a couple of good old friends asking me when im going to write that final post.

but if you know me personally you will understand what a rat race my life has been like this year.

i moved from one town to another. my brother got very ill and then my mum was ill and then my sister went for an op and in all that i found out i was expecting. my pregnancy was very taxing since its my 4th and i had 3 other kids to see to. my boys started school this year after being home schooled all this time which meant sitting with homework everyday. i also was feeling very tired and weak during my pregnancy and i recently just gave birth.

so honestly i was in no mood for blogging. i havent even read other blogs in the past year or done anything as a hobby actually. so please bare with me.

im trying to get on my feet and juggle everything at the same time. i have it in the back of my mind that i promised to end this story and inshallah if Allah gives me the strength and inspiration… i will!

jazakallah to all of you for being so patient and not giving up on me and for understanding that there are far more important things in life than blogging or writing fictional stories.

anyway…i hope your ramadaans been going well…please rem me and my family in ur duas and have a blessed eid wherever you are in the world.

take care and until i get my bearings straight.. assalamu alaykum

bibi ayesha


marriage conference 2017

assalamu alaykum/peace to one and all

if youve been following me for a while, you would know that last year round about this time there were a couple of posts regarding the marriage conference that was coming up at the sandton convention centre.

this year its back again and probably for the last time in johannesburg. its much bigger and far better than it was last year with a whole load of extra items added to the itenary.

im usually not one to attend seminars and conferences etc but since i was involved last year, i attended the conference and id like you all to know that i dont regret it in the least.

it was by far an amazing experience. the amount learnt in just that oneday was unbelievable. the speakers were phenomenal and the things they brought to light touched my heart in a way il never be able to express.

although there were thousands of people, it was as if the speakers were speaking directly to me. 

whether you are already married, divorced, widowed, a single parent, looking to get married or have been married for years… theres so much to learn for every category of people.

marriage is a sunnah of our beloved nabi sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam. it completes half our faith, however its no secret how many of our muslim marriages are failing today and the number is increasing everyday. attending the marriage conference will not only help you better ur marriage, but will teach you about your own self as it has taught me about myself.

as a married person, we often want to change our spouse when the problem actually lies within ourselves. we cannot change another person but we can change our outlook on things. we can learn who we really are. and if there was one lesson that i brought home last year…it is this!

so if you missed out last year… you have one more opportunity to attend this year…

the marriage conference 2017 will inshallah be held on the 22 july 2017 at the sandton convention centre.

theres a whole lot to look forward to such as inspirational talks, an expo, ilm arts festival, youth zone, kids zone and the list goes on.

follow me on instagram for more updates regarding what the line up will be like… INSTA @dvinetreats

to book your tickets, there are different prices for different tickets and all onfo may be found on the following link…


or to view a snippet of last years program, feel free to click on this link….

hope to see you all there as there will also be a bloggers corner….

hurry and book your tickets before they are sold out!!!!


bibi ayesha

next post.

Assalamu alaykum…
Jazakallah to all for the duas… may Allah accept…

Nevertheless, my life seems to be at a point where theres one thing after another which is far more important than this blog. So after much thought i have decided to pen down one more post which will be the last post to this blog. It will be lengthy and will take us from where we are to the end. However this might take me a while so please bare with me and as soon as i can complete it, i will post it…
Jazakallah to all for always reading…liking and most importantly commenting and interacting with me…

I apologise for cutting the story short in this way but it would definitely be for the best for both u and i…

Keep me and my family in ur duas and watch this space for the ending post..


Bibi ayesha

request for duas…

Assalamu alaykum everyone…

Maaf this is not a post… its a special request for dua for my brother who has suffered a mild stroke and not well at all.. if possible, may we read a khatam for him and a couple of yaaseens aswel as all the other ppl who are ill or in any kind of distress…

Much dua will be appreciated…

1.umme ata



















20.sister A











Please comment below or contact me via whatsapp if you would like to contribute… 


part 172:

Hanzalah was utterly confused. He had no idea what was going on. He watched with his mouth open as nick ran for the back exit of the mall. But he didnt follow. He wasnt even sure if he should wait around for nick or not. Whether nick would even come back. So he found an empty seat and decided to browse a few islamic sites he had been meaning to check out for quite some time. He decided to just give nick some time and if he wasnt back, he would leave. 

He sat for around half an hour and nick still wasnt back. His phone beeped, notifying him that his battery was low. He didnt even have nicks cell number to call him. Nick had called him from his landline to meet up today.

Hanzalah exited all apps on his cellphone, got up and headed home. Nick would call him when he was ready. Wherever nick had ran off to was obviously very important.


Nick watched sabreen run out and followed behind her. She looked so afraid and he couldnt understand what her fears could be. All he knew was that he wanted to be there for her.

Because of the distance between them, once sabreen had gone through the doors leading outside, nick had lost her. As he got outside himself, he surveyed the area. There were so many places she could have gone. But he didnt give up. He looked everywhere he could until he came to a quiet area where the refuse bins were and the only sound he could hear was a human being breathing heavily.

He walked quietly as he didnt want to scare her and get her running away again. Just as he rounded the large garbage bins, he found her crouched on the floor looking terrified. He felt such sympathy for her at that moment.

Nick sat down beside her and placed a comforting hand on her back. But instead of her calming down or looking up at him, she tensed.

But he didnt move away. Instead he spoke softly.

“Dont be afraid. I wont hurt you. I seen you run and you looked so scared. ”

And then he stopped talking. He questioned what he just said. If he was in her position, would that be the right things to say?

Sabreen heard his voice and she was confused. Who was this stranger. She was still afraid. But something in his voice made her a little confortable. But she could never trust anyone. Especially a man. So she still didnt look up. 

Nick could feel her body relax after he spoke but she still didnt look up at him. That was good enough. He would sit with her for as long as it took. As it is he had nothing better to do with his life.

Oh no! Hanzalah! He completely forgot about him in all this. But hanzalah was a good guy. He would understand. He would just call him later and explain. Sabreen was far more important right now.

He remembered the day he was so afraid. The day of his party when someone said the cops were on their way. He was just as afraid as her. 

The fear he seen in her face was similar to the fear he had then. 

He leaned back against the wall and gently rubbed her back. He wouldnt push her to talk to him. He would give her time. He would just be there so she knew she was safe and not alone.

After a very long time of sitting in complete silence, sabreen slowly lifted her gaze. She was curious as to who this stranger was. Who would sacrifice their time to sit with a crazy girl like her?

She looked up into nicks face and he offered her a comforting smile. But before either of them could say anything, they heard voices coming tbeir way.. someone was looking for her.

part 171:

It was finally the end of the year… its been one heck of a year for sabreen. So much of school work pushed into one year to get her on par with other kids her age… ofcourse she still had a while to go. Not that she wasnt enjoying it… she loved learning, its just that she needed a break.

Uncle mike tried to get them bookings again for new york but it was way too expensive. He said he will keep looking for somewhere overseas that was affordable for the three of them.

Sabreen loved her new family. Aunt hilda and uncle mike were amazing people to live with. Life had become so peaceful and she finally felt what it was like to have a normal family. Although, at times, she remembered that she wasnt exactly their real child. That she never would be theirs. But she revelled in their generosity and warmth as much as she could.

Alice was exhausted aswel.. all the studying and assignments were driving her crazy. She had no social life whatsoever. No free days… no coffee dates or lunches with friends… so she was really looking forward to sabreen coming over for the holidays. Even though sabreen would be working during the day… she had so many plans for after work.

The first day she decided to drop sabreen off at work. They took a nice stroll in the cool morning breeze and chat all the way to work.

Alice didnt want to admit to sabreen yet but she was hoping that the manager of the restaurant would be there. She had a slight crush on him. Just the thought of him made her blush. But to her disappointment… he only started work later than the rest of the staff.

Sabreen settled in and put on her apron and name tag once she got to work. She wasnt one to socialise. She was still abit afraid of people so she didnt talk to anyone at work. She did what she needed to to the best of her ability, trying hard not to make any mistakes. She was nervous all morning but as the day progressed she felt so much more confident.

After arranging an order on her tray in the kitchen, she headed out to her customer to serve them their order. But suddenly her entire world stood still. She heard a rough laugh.. a laugh she knew too well. A laugh that scared her to death. She stared in the direction of the nauseating sound and her worst nightmare was confirmed. It was sam. He was there.. sitting at a table on the far left with 2 women. She froze. Her legs started to tremble and then her whole body shook. She dropped the tray on a nearby table and ran out of the restaurant before sam could notice her. She was so afraid that he had seen her. She was afraid that he was following her. She never looked back. She just ran out the back entrance of the mall and searched for a hideout where no-one would find her. She sat down behind some large garbage bins and hugged her shaking legs to her chest. She hid her face between her knees and prayed harder and harder that no-one would find her hiding here.

It was quiet… she could only hear her own ragged breath but she refused to look up incase someone was there. Eventually her breathing evened out but just then she felt a hand on her back. 

She tensed…!

part 170:

Authors note…

Oooohkaaay….i really am sorry once again…life has been chaotic…i have been relocating to a different town and its been absolutely hectic…had no idea moving was such a job.. and therefore i had neglected the blog. Im still not a hundred percent settled so please bare with me if i dont post often enough.. will try to post whenever i can inshallah.

keep me and my family in your duas… and enjoy the post below…


“Hey brother!! Its so good to see you… its been too long. I thought you’ll never call.”

Hanzalah was delighted to meet up with nick. When days turned into weeks and he hadnt heard from nick, he decided to give up. That nick would never call him. Maybe nick just wanted him to stay away and so he did. He continued with his life. But for some reason nick called yesterday asking if hanzalah would like to meet up at the mall. To which hanzalah readily agreed. 

So here they were, at the mall, walking towards the food court.

“What would you like to eat? I love a good hamburger from one of the places here…. ”

“No no…thanks… we dont eat ham…. err..” hanzalah scratched  his head beneath his topi trying to figure out the best way to explain to nick…

“Im not really that hungry… had a late breakfast so il just grab a can of coke or something…”

Nick shrugged… “suit yourself…but i have to go to the ham burger place.”

Hanzalah looked at nick with a frown… “why?” And when nick smiled and blushed, realisation dawned… “a girl again?”

“Not just any girl…”

Hanzalah interrupted.. “wait… dont tell me…’shes diffferent!’ ” and then he chortled.

Nick laughed too.. “she is… i promise… i feel this kind of connection  to her.. not in a lustful way… just… i dont know… like i understand her.”

“And how long have you been seeing her? I hope you didnt drag me here to be a witness to any of your fornication… cos then im running away…”

“Fornication?” Nick laughed so loud, earning him stares from all around… “who even uses such words?!… gosh bro… u need to hang out with me more often instead of your books!”

Nick stopped dead in his tracks and stopped laughing…

“There she is!” He spotted sabreen inside the restaurant nonchalantly carrying a tray of food out of the kitchen door.. she looked so care free.. so happy from where he stood outside the restaurant, just metres away from the entrance.

Hanzalah pretended to be busy with his phone. Like his father, He didnt look at woman… he tried to remain modest… all the more now that he was a haafiz of the glorious quraan… but nick wouldnt understand..

suddenly everything changed and he had no idea why. He looked up and seen worry and confusion in nicks eyes…

“Whats wrong?”

Nick watched as sabreens happy demeanor changed to tension as she stared out. It all happened in slow motion. She dropped the tray on the nearest table spilling some of its contents and ran out of the restaurant. Nick didnt think. He just ran… he ran after sabreen who was heading for the back entrance of the mall… he felt like whatever she was running from… he needed to be behind her… to protect her.

don't loose the pieces to a puzzle..lest they should never be found