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7 facts about myself… passionate about the work i do…and obsessive a disciplinarian… my family calls me a drill sergeant.

3.i loooooove food

4.i loooooove sleep

5.i wont put a novel down until im done with it an extrovert…and talk more than im supposed to

7.i hate pizza😛 or any form of melted cheese

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Part 153: (nicholas)

It took time for nick to get used to being home again. It took more time for him to gain his confidence back and it took even longer for nick to finally agree on leaving the house and go out in public.

And even though he eventually agreed and tagged behind his mother and tom, he was paranoid. Paranoid that everyone that looked at him, looked down upon him. That everyone thought that he was the guy that caused all the ruckus not long ago. That he was the rich and spoilt kid that had it all and messed up big time.

He felt like the one whom parents often warned their kids about. Like the one envied by the bad guys and judged by the good ones.

He felt low and terrible that he was a failure while everyone else around his age had succeeded.

He didnt complete school. He had nothing to his name… not even a father.

He looked down for most of his outings. And even when they occasionally took him out to eat, he kept his focus on the menu and then the food and then leaving.

Tasha and tom almost always ate at upper class restaurants. Those where everyone was well off and nothing on the menu was under a hundred bucks. Just not nicks style. But he had no choice. He just had to follow or hole himself in his room which was beginning to work on his nerves.

He wasnt allowed any phonecalls yet and he wondered if anyone would even bother to call if he was allowed any.

He had no friends. No true friends at all.

Except for hanzalah. But hanzalah had probably forgotten about him. Hanzalah was probably done with school and enjoying the free life at campus. Although, hanzalah wasnt the type to enjoy freedom or take advantage of it. But atleast he had a life, unlike nick.

After many outings to fancy restaurants, tasha finally asked..

Nicko! Why do you always play with your food when we go out instead of eating it?

Nick dropped his fork in frustration.

Maybe cos im not cut out for such a laa dee daa life ma. You dont ever ask me what i want to eat or where i want to eat.. you always just assume that im so upper class like you.

And he stormed out to get some air. He felt bad once he cooled down because its been months since he snapped at tasha like that. But why did she always think that money and expensive stuff could buy happiness?

Nick craved some cheap junk food. Like a hamburger and boring strawberry milkshake with fries… instead of prawn cocktail and roast lamb with some fancy mocktail.

Once he cooled down he walked back in and took a seat and sighed.

Im sorry mum… i didnt mean to snap

Tasha smiled and placed a comforting hand on nicks…

Its okay son.. i understand. Tomorrow nick and i are taking you to the mall. We can spend the entire day doing anything you like even if its spending hours playing games and doing whatever you feel like and then grabbing a quick meal after. But its your day. Think it through and by morning let us know what youd like to do okay?

Nick didnt know what he wanted to do. Or did he? He just wanted a normal life. He wanted his life back. Minus the drugs and crap.

As they entered the mall, nick felt a little claustrophobic. Again thoughts of everyone judging him crossed his mind.

When little kids looked at him he thought theyd be afraid of him.

When teeenagers walked past talking in what seemed to him as hushed tones, he assumed they were talking about him.

When adults walked past he thought they looked at him with disgust. He couldnt take it.


Tasha shouted a little louder to get his attention.


I was asking what youd like to do first?

Oh… erm… im kinda hungry. Could we maybe grab something to eat first?

Sure… what did you have in mind?

Maybe a ham burger and milkshake if thats okay?

Nick thought that maybe he would feel a little better and ready to face everyone. But as he entered the little restaurant he was so used to, it was packed with youngsters his age and older aswel as a few younger. He didnt realise that it was the school holidays and that the place would be so full.

And again he felt comsumed. Everyones eyes were judging him. Until his eyes landed on hers… the only eyes that were so soft, sincere and non judgemental. Something about her eyes just made him relax and forget all that he felt before.

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Part 152: (sabreen)

And why not mikey?

Hilda was surprised at mikes decision.

We can discuss this once the kids leave love.

Why? We are old enough to hear what you have to say uncle mike.

Mike sighed and sat down on the arm of the couch.

Because your mums condition isnt the best. And im not saying that she isnt sincere in wanting to change but in my opinion she has hurt you kids tremendously and neglected you all completely. It doesnt mean you guys all need to jump suddenly when she says so. Yes she is your mum. And eventually you should go to see her and hopefully find it in your hearts to forgive and move forward but beth needs to prove herself first by getting better and clean. Once we see the change over a few weeks or months, then we take it from there.

Everyones tense shoulders relaxed besides hilda. It made so much of sense to them.

So what do i tell beth when i see her tomorrow?

Tell her to give them time. That theyre not ready but in time they will visit her

And that was final. Hilda was angry at mike for jumping in like that and although deep down she knew that he was right, she was smack in the middle of things.

Hilda stood by her sister the next morning. She bathed and readied her to leave. When it was time to leave beth put up a fuss. She wanted to drive with her sister to the rehab. Not in an ambulance. But it was out of the question. She was still a fragile patient and they were not willing to take any risks.

Hilda drove behind them all through the 80 kilometres to the rehab lost in her own thoughts.

She had to go with to fill out forms and necessary documents. Sam was nowhere to be seen which hilda found to be quite strange.

His wife was being transported to rehab for god knows how long and he wasnt there. Forget about accompanying her but not even to greet her goodbye and wish her luck.

But then again… it was sam… she couldnt expect much from him anyway.

They were given a tour of the place once they reached and hilda asked a few questions. She felt relieved when they said that in all their 15 years, they only had 1 escape. Security was tight and they were well experienced in this field.

Beth was made to fill out forms stating that she would abide to all the rules of the place and once that was done, hilda and beth held on tight and cried.

This was it… beths road to recovery and a fresh new start

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Part 151: (sabreen)

The mood was sombre as hilda explained to the 3 kids about their mothers situation.

Well? Will you guys even consider it?

Sabreen picked at the skin on her fingers and continued looking down.

Alice turned her face angrily away from hilda. How could she even ask them such a thing after what beth and sam had put them through till now?

Tony stood up and paced up and down agitated before running his hands through the side of his mohawk hairstyle.

I understand kids. I really do. I know she… they have hurt you guys alot…

Pft..understatement of the year..

Alice rolled her eyes.

In every way possible..

Hilda continued, ignoring alices statement.

But she is still your mother and she has also been through hell and back. She regrets what shes done and wants to move forward. She has asked for the help this time. No-one is forcing her.

It was almost an hour and it was getting late and there was still no progress. None of the kids had given in. And unfortunately they were old enough to each make their own decisions so no-one could force them.

But hilda, on the other hand, had seen her sisters moans and agony and couldnt return to her without knowing that the kids would atleast try to come.

And if you guys dont want to.. or are not ready to see sam as yet.. i understand that. And im not asking that of you. In all this time that ive been at your mothers side, sam wasnt there. I never bumped into him and chances of any of you bumping into him is rare… i promise!

Beth had told hilda that sam had to work and usually visited her at night. Whether beth was covering up for sam or not, hilda had no clue and frankly she really didnt care much.

The kids were having a hard time deciding what to do. Each one deep in their own thoughts.

Alice didnt care at all. If beth died and she never had the chance to see her, it wouldnt bother her in the least. Infact she would be glad. Her hatred for beth ran very deep.

Sabreen on the other hand felt guilty. She wanted to forgive and go but she was terribly afraid. She wasnt sure if she could handle seeing beth.

And tony needed a cigarette urgently. He couldnt think. If the decision was his to make, and if this was asked of him before his trip, he definitely would have said no. But since his spontaneous roadtrip, he tried not to be selfish. He had his sisters to think of aswel. Did his mother deserve to be forgiven and visited? He had also many some terrible mistakes in his life and was given another chance. What would he do if everyone shunned him and didnt give him a chance? Alice still hadnt forgiven him completely and it hurt like hell. So was he supposed to do the same to beth?

But if he agreed, how would it affect their lives after this?


Mike entered the sitting room just before tony agreed on everyones behalf.

I dont think the time is right for them to see their mother, hilda.

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Part 150: (sabreen)

Sabreen smiled as she felt the kick in her tummy. A feeling she would never get tired of. It was her second pregnancy and just as her first she was loving every bit of it.

She would never believe that her life would take such a turn. She always thought of herself as the less confident, abused and neglected child who would never find happiness.

Whats gotten you so deep in thought sis?

Alice asked from where she stood at the door watching her sister. Content that sabreen was finally at peace. Happy at last.

Sabreen turned to alice..


she replied..

Well its been a rollercoaster for us all.. thats for sure.

But all worth it in the end

Sabreen said as she gazed down lovingly at her year old little princess that lay sprawled out beside her on their king sized bed.

Well i just came in to tell you that im leaving. Im sure doc will be here soon. And i still have to go home and prepare supper before george closes up.

Yes alice had eventually married george and he was a wonderful, caring man. Nothing what either of the sisters had expected. They were always of the view that men were dogs.

Sabreen thought back to her teenage years where she had began working at the restaurant. Her first few days were horrible and she wondered every night whether she had made the right decision by working.

George, the manager at the time had made life very easy for her. Since sabreen wasnt very good at writing and taking down orders, he had a special order book made up for her where all she needed to do was tick off the order of the customers. This also sped up the process alot and by the end of sabreens first holiday, she couldnt wait for her next holiday to come back and work.

By the time sabreen went back home that holiday, beth was out of hospital and sent to a rehabilitation centre to deal with her alcohol and slight drug addiction. This time it was her own choice.

Hilda continued up and down to the hospital, caring for her sisters needs right till her last day in hospital.

The day before beth was taken by ambulance to the rehab from the hospital, hilda greeted her..

Il be back early tomorrow morning elizabeth. I need to give you a good shower and brush your hair and neaten you up a little.

Beth was still very weak and lay in bed with a drip stuck to her arm but she was gaining strength as the days went by and thats why the doctors thought it best to send her now to the centre. It was what she begged for. She wanted it really bad. She wanted to go. And they were all so glad that beth had accepted that she had a problem and needed help.

Hilda took her sisters hands in her own.

Il bring some nail polish too and a mini manicure set.
Your na

ils look awful.

Beth nodded weakly…

red please

Her voice was still hoarse and groggy.

Il bring you a clean nightie too. Youve been wearing this hospital gown for days now. You need anything else bethy?

And thats when beth began trembling and let out loud sobs at the same time…

My kids! I need my kids! All 3 of them!

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Part 149: (sabreen)

What in the world is going on here?

Sabreen and alice looked around the house and then at eachother and burst out laughing.

Have the 2 of you gone a little crazy or something?

The girls had to hold on to something to steady themselves from all the laughter. Alice wiped the tears from her eyes carefully so not to let any muck get into her eyes..

What..what are you.. doing here?

Erm… i live here?

Duh tony… you always use that line

Well you always ask me that question

Do you blame me? You just disappear into thin air and appear again out of the blue like some kind of weirdo…


Tony growled to frighten them but they remained looking at him with a bored expression.

What? I told you im going on a roadtrip.. and the roadtrip is officially over… so im home

He shrugged before walking past them and headed towards his room. He paused and turned around..

You guys have dinner yet?

Yes thanks! And its all finished so you can make something for yourself if youre hungry.

Alice said rudely.

Tony had a hurt look on his face. He sighed and said..

Well i wasnt implying that i wanted to eat your food al.. im glad to be home and wanted to take the 2 of you out to dinner.

And with that he left them both feeling guilty.

Alice turned to face sabreen.

We better start cleaning up this mess breeni and get to bed. We have a very early start tomorrow and a hectic day too.

The girls spent the next hour cleaning up the mess they had made and then had a solid shower to get all the mess out.

Tony stayed in his room.

While sabreen was all cleaned up and changed into her pj’s and alice was in the shower, sabreen decided to check on tony. She thought of the hurt she seen in his eyes and felt very bad.

She knocked once and heard tony say

come in!

Tony was standing by his window, leaning against the window pane with a cigarette inbetween his forefinger and middle finger.

He turned slightly to see sabreen enter and close the door behind her. He smiled.

Hey breens!

Sabreen returned his smile.

Hey! So… how was the trip?

She moved a few things that occupied tonys bed before sitting down.

Tony took one last puff and through the remaining cigarette out the window.

It was awesome. The best thing id ever done in my life

Thats great! So whered you go?

We headed up north and toured all the places as we went along. We camped at most places unless the weather wasnt good and then took a different route and came back home.

Wow. That must have beem fun

It was. It really was. This trip has taught me so much sabreen.

Tony sat down next to his little sister.

Ive been a pathetic brother. Im supposed to protect my sisters and look after the 2 of you. I made so many mistakes and ive almost turned out like sam. And i hate who i was becoming. I want to change. I want to be there for you guys. Both of you. You all i have and well im all you guys have.

Im sorry abouy alice. Its been really hard on her. Living alone and stuff. And well just understand things from her side.

Tony nodded.

I know..i dont blame her for hating me. But i want to change things. Im going to earn her trust and forgiveness. It might take a long time but it will all be worth it.

She will come around soon. Dont worry.

Sabreen got up to leave with a yawn.

Sleep tight and see you in the morning okay?!

Hey breens! Howcome youre here?

Tony asked before she could leave. It only struck him now that it was a weekday. Sabreen never comes over on a weekday..

Sabreen sat back down.. theres so much that tony needed to be filled in with. And there was no better time than now.

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Part 148: (nicholas)

It was just a 6 month program and now Nick was out on trial.

After everything that happened, tasha and tom patched things up a little and decided that it would be best to send nick for rehab.

Ofcourse he put up a fuss and denied that he was addicted. But his body gave in eventually and he had no other choice but to oblige.

How about we all go out for lunch today?

Tasha suggested after picking nick up ftom the rehabilitation centre.

I dont quite feel like being in publuc yet ma

Tasha and tom looked at eachother with sympathy in their eyes while nick just closed his eyes pretending to be taking a nap.

Being in rehab was taxing. They were woken up early every morning for meditation and reflection. Nick was made to do councelling aswel.

He wasnt too happy about the councelling either. It made him feel as if he was crazy or something but eventually he realised that being councelled didnt mean he was crazy. It just opened up old wounds and helped him heal a little from the inside.

By the last week he actually looked forward to the councelling sessions and if there was anything he would miss about the centre… it was that.

Just walking into his home brought back all the terribly embarrassing moments of his past.

The first thing he needed was a good shower.

Once he was out, there was a knock on his room door.

Come in

When youre ready, please join us in the backyard… toms started the fire for a braai already.

Tasha said after opening the door and peering inside with a smile.

She was so relieved to have nick back home but they would have to keep a close eye on him so that he doesnt relapse.

She really missed nick alot and wished that things didnt turn out the way it did. But these 6 months were good for her and tom. They had time alone to repair their marriage and put things together.

Nick joined tasha and tom a few moments later but the atmosphere was a little tense. He didnt know what to say to any of them and they felt awkward too.

So son… how you been?

Tom finally broke the awkwardness.

Good i guess… surviving

Thats great to hear and we are really proud of your development over these few months

Nick smiled.

Thanks. Im trying. I really am.. i just need a little more support. Being there was the easy part because theyre behind us all the time. Now that im back here and out in the open, im a little scared actually.

Tasha smiled warmly at him and squeezed his shoulder

Everything will be okay nicko. We are here for you.

Lets get some plates and dig in… this meat looks good!

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