about this blog

i know exactly whats coming up next…im probably going to get a million msgs about when im continuing or completing this blog.

ive already received alot of msgs etc and ive met a couple of good old friends asking me when im going to write that final post.

but if you know me personally you will understand what a rat race my life has been like this year.

i moved from one town to another. my brother got very ill and then my mum was ill and then my sister went for an op and in all that i found out i was expecting. my pregnancy was very taxing since its my 4th and i had 3 other kids to see to. my boys started school this year after being home schooled all this time which meant sitting with homework everyday. i also was feeling very tired and weak during my pregnancy and i recently just gave birth.

so honestly i was in no mood for blogging. i havent even read other blogs in the past year or done anything as a hobby actually. so please bare with me.

im trying to get on my feet and juggle everything at the same time. i have it in the back of my mind that i promised to end this story and inshallah if Allah gives me the strength and inspiration… i will!

jazakallah to all of you for being so patient and not giving up on me and for understanding that there are far more important things in life than blogging or writing fictional stories.

anyway…i hope your ramadaans been going well…please rem me and my family in ur duas and have a blessed eid wherever you are in the world.

take care and until i get my bearings straight.. assalamu alaykum

bibi ayesha


3 thoughts on “about this blog”

  1. Mubarak to you on the birth of your bundle of joy, may ALLAAH make baba a coolness of your eyes and a true setvant of ALLAAH and deen-e-Haq. Aameen
    May ALLAAH make everything easy for you sister, we will await your next post whenever you are ready In Shaa ALLAAH

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